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Smart Head-Up Display

Smart HUD (Head-Up Display) is a 4" standalone full colour and high brightness device that presents the navigation information onto transparent reflective film or an attached reflector lens - directly in the line of the sight of drivers without the need of looking away from usual viewpoint.


  • Safe Driving Experience


  • Built-in Navigation


  • Hands-Free Talking


  • Smart Phone & SD card music player



1. Built-In Navigation


Live Traffic/Traffic Report

  • Via ET-Info


    GPS Navigation

  • Via Smart HUD hardware control knob

    • Or Smartphone remote control

    (HUD remote app)

  • Via Smart phone using E-where app

    • Pre-setting GPS destination by smartphone

    • Collection POI (Point-Of-Interest)


2. Social Network & Communication


  • Hands-free talking

    • Bluetooth connect

  • EZ-Talk

    • Smart phone and Smart HUD synchronization

    • Chatting safely in vehicle

  • SMS

  • E-mail

  • Auto link to internet via smartphone

  • Support iOS/Android/Windows


3. Music Player


  • Play music wireless

  • FM transmitter sends music to car audio

  • SD card music player

  • Smartphone music player

  • Internet radio


4. Daily Essentials




  • News

  • Calendar

  • Weather Information

  • To-do-list


5. Add-on Features


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

  • Driving Video Recorder (DVR)

  • Front Camera (FCWS, LDWS)

  • Rear Camera (CCD)

  • Night Vision

  • Around View Monitoring (AVM) 2D/3D